Want to save on your next vacation? Don’t stay in the US

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Post-pandemic, travel became a necessity and an urgent matter for millions of people worldwide. Now the industry is struggling to meet the needs of tourists and passengers.

The current global crisis and uncertainty about the future is causing travelers to think carefully about their next travel destination be more careful with money.

But where should American travelers go? What is the smart move? According to a recent report by Squaremouth, the answer is away from the United States.

The document states: “The average cost of a domestic trip is about $500 more than an international trip.”

The travel insurance comparison company analyzed data prove that domestic travel may be more expensive than international travel and shared relevant insights for travelers:

US travel is expensive

It’s not just the Squaremouth report. Recent news has also shown that domestic travel can be more expensive than international travel.

Top destinations in the US have become very expensive. This year, Flights to New York have gone through the roof and some domestic flights to this destination have even doubled their price.

in las vegas, Resorts and hotels hide and Raising absurd fees, by charging travelers for many basic services – such as minibar use or internet connection – and by making stays more expensive than in previous years. And Hawaii has the most expensive hotels in the United States.

But there is no need to panic. According to the information analyzed by Squaremouth, the good news is that despite the current global situation The average cost of travel in the US decreased in 2022, compared to the previous three years. Holidays are cheaper than they used to be.

These were the average travel expenses in the United States divided:

  • 2019: Around $6,000.
  • 2020: Around $5,800.
  • 2022: Around $5,300.

However, the study shows that even if the cost of domestic travel has fallen this year, international travel to some intriguing destinations may be cheaper.

Top international destinations for American travelers

Squaremouth.com also shared its Live Travel Insurance Data, a comparison engine that shows travel trends and current costs.

Megan Moncrief, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, explained more about the tool: “Squaremouth Analytics examines data from thousands of travel insurance policies every day. Our team dissects this data to identify real-time changes and trends in the industry to understand today’s consumers’ top concerns and how they are responding to the current travel market.”

Looking over the last 90 days, these are America’s top international travel destinations and the average cost of travel:

  • Italy: $5,900.
  • Mexico: $2,868.
  • Israel: $2,519.
  • France: $4,598.
  • Philippines: $1,737.
  • Canada: $3,046.
  • Spain: $4,387.
  • United Kingdom: $4,331.
  • Germany: $4,294.

Fascinating and trendy destinations like Mexico and the Philippines are significantly cheaper than domestic travel. Other places mentioned in the study don’t make the top 10 but are also interesting for travelers – like Costa Rica and the Turks and Caicos Islands – and less expensive.

The report also showed that other countries that US travelers also like to visit can be very expensive. For example, a trip to Greece costs Americans around $7,600.

More travel recommendations

When choosing a travel destination, many factors go into the decision-making process. Those who cannot travel abroad can benefit from relevant information online in order to save costs.

People considering driving can avoid the most expensive cities like Spokane or Portland to rent a car, or airports with the cheapest fares like Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport or Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) to prefer. It is also valuable to consider the best times to book flights.

Those traveling abroad can cut vacation costs even further by visiting cities that offer a great cultural experience, but also offer cheap hotels and restaurants, or where US dollars stretch further.

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