This small change will sell the Galaxy Z Flip 4 like hotcakes

It’s safe to say that the Galaxy Z Flip is now one of Samsung’s most popular devices. This status has been cemented by the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The clamshell foldable sold better than the company expected. This device accounted for nearly 70% of all foldable shipments last year.

We’re just a few days away from the launch of the successor, the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Samsung fans couldn’t be more excited. It goes without saying that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 has big shoes to fill. The outgoing model did a great job of cementing the handset’s position as a see-and-be-seen device.

All leaks so far have shown that Samsung hasn’t made any major design changes to the Galaxy Z Flip 4. It looks more or less the same as the previous model. A major difference is the slightly larger cover display. It shows that Samsung has focused on small but meaningful improvements this year.

On the surface, it might appear that in the absence of major upgrades, there might not be much customer interest in the new product. On the contrary, I would argue that this exercise in refinement will sell the Galaxy Z Flip 4 like hot cakes. Samsung has successfully used this strategy several times in the past with its Galaxy S series.

In a year it would give you a flagship that has undergone revolutionary changes in both design and substance. The following year, the updated model would not bring any drastic changes, but only refine and perfect everything that left something to be desired in the previous year. Ultimately, customers would see the value in it and buy. Moreover, it would also tempt those who hesitated last year to finally open their wallets when purchasing the device.

We’re seeing a return to this strategy from Samsung for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. For example, the cover display clearly needed to be larger on the previous model. The upcoming foldable device will bring a larger cover display that will be much more useful. As a result of this meaningful change, users would no longer need to flip open their devices as often as before.

Nowhere is the brilliance of this strategy more evident than in the battery department. The Galaxy Z Flip 3’s 3,300mAh battery was clearly not enough, although it could beat its weight and get you through the day. Most users felt that a higher capacity would have been better. Many potential customers were reluctant to purchase the device because they felt that the battery would not be enough to meet their needs.

This year, Samsung has managed to increase battery capacity by 12%. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes with a 3,700 mAh battery. Fitting the battery into the very limited space inside the device required a technical masterclass from Samsung. The company made it possible by slightly slimming down the hinge to make enough room for the larger battery.

The higher capacity combined with the energy efficiency of the new chipset should add at least 4 additional hours of operation to the device. This might seem like a minor change, but for many potential customers it removes a major limitation and that may be why they finally consider buying the device.

The Galaxy Z Flip series now has a solid pedigree. With the Galaxy Z Flip 3, everyone who was previously on the fence saw that this device is more than up to the rigors of everyday use. The IPX8 water resistance rating that Samsung added to the device last year also encourages those who had concerns about the durability of foldable smartphones.

Many more customers will now be willing to buy this device. With Samsung perfecting many of the areas that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 lacked, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Galaxy Z Flip 4 broke Samsung’s foldable sales records.

As someone who has been using the Galaxy Z Flip 3 since its release, I couldn’t be more excited to update my device. It has been an absolute pleasure to use the Clamshell Foldable over the past year. The opportunity to use a vastly improved iteration of this is just too good to pass up.

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