The Storm King Art Center will undergo a $45 million renovation through 2024

New Yorkers will have to wait until 2024 to see it for themselves, but the changes will be worth it.

Storm King Art Center, the sprawling outdoor sculpture center located 1.5 hours from New York City in the Hudson Valley, is set to be bigger, greener and even more art-centric. A renovation project is scheduled to begin later this year and last until 2024. The $45 million investment is broken down into three distinct transformation efforts and aims to enhance the 500-acre space both functionally and creatively.

Working with a global team of consultants, the Art Center will redesign the site to support the increasing number of visitors and programs. Making the visitor’s experience more memorable and sustainable is also a core value, and the project aims to address these needs through landscape changes that focus on sustainability and functionality.

“While each design firm brings its own toolbox of expertise, their collective approach is based on a shared set of values ​​that align with Storm King’s,” said Amy S. Weisser, associate director of strategic planning and projects at Storm King, in one official statement. “They share a similar respect for art and nature and a similar dedication to being indoors and outdoors, to creativity and collaboration, to caring for people and nature, and to building sustainable infrastructure. With its delicate impact on the land, this project demonstrates that a museum building is an experiential platform.”

One of the most exciting additions to the Storm King Art Center will be a series of pavilions to welcome guests upon their arrival. Each pavilion has essential amenities such as restrooms, group meeting points and orientation areas and will be designed and built to be sustainable and respectful of the surrounding space and its art. The pavilions will be constructed from natural materials and the surrounding landscape will feature native plants that guide visitors through the outdoor lobby and onto the arts center grounds. Every pavilion and every path will be barrier-free.

To support the artistic vision of the arts center, the project will unveil a new conservation, fabrication and maintenance building. This structure becomes a space for artistic and creative collaboration, with flexibility for artists based on their needs. It can serve as a workshop, studio, workshop, storage room and even an office if necessary. Thanks to the high functionality and flexibility of the new space, artists will be able to bring their artistic vision to life outdoors much more easily and will be given the opportunity to create new works on site. The building will be strategically located on the southern edge of Storm King, where a new lawn area will naturally extend the existing spaces and provide new spaces for exhibitions and installations. In addition, another meadow area will be added on the north side of the center.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly improvements are also the focus of the new project. To preserve the arts center environment, a new car park will be created, which will support the use of public transport to reach Storm King and help reduce the carbon footprint of visitors. The project changes will also allow the museum to better serve both local and traveling audiences, and will impact infrastructure (both external and internal roads) to mitigate and improve traffic.

The city administration is looking forward to the new project and is optimistic about the future of the art center. “The Storm King Art Center has been a jewel of the City of Cornwall and New York State’s Hudson Valley for decades,” said Joshua Wojehowski, City Councilor of Cornwall, in an official statement. “Their newly announced capital project supports the city and region by providing more opportunities for residents, school children and artists, and protects wildlife as a land corridor between public parklands. During the challenges of the last few years, the Art Center has been an incredible resource for our community and for many visitors to our city, reminding me of the vital role that art and nature play in our lives. Storm King’s plans ensure the future of this special place for generations to come.”

Take a look at some photo renditions of the revamped Storm King Art Center:

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