The Bonafides entertain the audience with different genres of music

A group of friends have “joined together” and formed a musical group that entertains residents in various locations throughout New Bern – occasionally on the porch of one of its members’ homes.

The Bonafides have become a highly sought after musical group, performing at local theaters, events and happenings in the area. They can often be heard at fundraisers for various non-profit organizations, including the New Bern Historical Society and The Filling Station in Jones County.

The group members play a variety of instruments including banjo, mandolin, fiddle, bass, guitar, drum and chords. They play bluegrass, folk, old-time and several other genres of music.

“Early last year we teamed up with some friends and started playing the stage at the New Bern Civic Theater,” said band member George Oliver. “The theater wasn’t open because of COVID so we were able to spread out from each other.”

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“That was a project that kind of grew out of COVID,” Oliver said. “It’s been interesting to find other ways to find that creative outlet and to do it in a way that’s protective of other people,” he said.

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