Strong packers running back AJ Dillon will also be a strong receiver

GREEN BAY, Wis. – At 250 pounds and quads the size of sequoias, AJ Dillon is a back race.

Last season, he led the Green Bay Packers in rushing yards for 803. More than just a battering ram, Dillon developed into one of the most reliable and effective passing defenders in the NFL. Though they have vastly different styles, Dillon and co-pilot Aaron Jones’ dual-threat skills will be a crucial part of how the Packers adjust to life without Davante Adams.

“Let me just highlight the mayor of Door County,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said a few days ago. “Coming in here he was a great defender who we expected to be really good with power. Of all the people we’ve had in the last three years, he has to be on a very short list of people who have improved so drastically.

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