Rochester Red Wings 17-game losing streak sets franchise record

During the nine years between 2011 and 2019, the Washington Nationals existed for one reason: to win a World Series.

No matter what it took, just as is the case for the World Series or bust teams like the Yankees, Dodgers and Red Sox, winning the ring was all that mattered.

Every year the Nationals have finished in either first or second place at this stretch in the NL East, and after making the playoffs four times without ever advancing to the NL Championship Series, it all finally came together in 2019 when Washington hit the spot Time got hot and went on to win the championship.

There was a price to be paid for that monumental victory, however, and they’ve been paying for it ever since, both by the Nationals, who are now the worst team in MLB, and by their poorly sorted farm system, run by the Rochester Red Wings, who haven’t won a game in three weeks.

The reasons for the Red Wings’ losing streak run deep

There are many reasons the Red Wings will open a six-game series at frontier field against Norfolk Tuesday night amid an unfathomable franchise-record 17-game losing streak.

A lack of timely hitting, too many poor pitching performances, missed leads early and blown leads late. Everything you can imagine has gone really wrong for this team. They were surpassed 109-62; five of the losses were caused by a run; and in 11 games, the Wings never had a lead.

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