MUSIC WITH A MESSAGE: Kingdom Bound Concert Set for April 20-21 August at Riverview Park | local news

CLINTON – Growing up in Erie, Illinois, John Dail enjoyed listening to 1980s rock and going to concerts.

Now some three decades later, Dail is the organizer of Kingdom Bound, his first two-day Christian music festival at Clinton’s Riverview Bandshell. A total of 13 acts will perform on August 20th and 21st, six on August 20th headlining Jordan Feliz and seven on August 21st ending with headlining Vertical Worship.

“If you look at the band’s sleeve, it’s the perfect place to do something like that,” said Dail, who explained how developing his faith eventually led him to support and later organize Christian music concerts.

Growing up, Dail said he was only marginally involved in the church but did attend some youth group events. Two events during his college years inspired him to grow in his faith.

In 1989, while attending Blackhawk College in the Quad-Cities, he saw Whiteheart, a Christian version of Def Leppard, perform in concert. It was his introduction to Christian music.

Shortly thereafter, he met Stacey Sikkema of Fulton, Illinois, the woman who would become his wife in 1990. An incident that happened to Stacey while she was driving from Erie to Fulton when they met changed Dail’s mindset.

“Before we got married, I was living at home in Erie,” he explained. “Stacey drove to Erie to see me and on her way home she crashed into a deer. It was before cell phones. She went to the nearest farmhouse to seek help to call me. She knocked on the door and knocked on the door and the farmer finally came to the door and asked what was going on and she said, ‘I hit a deer.'”

“You were lucky tonight,” said the farmer. “Because I have dogs that are usually outside that definitely wouldn’t have let you come inside. But I took the dogs away tonight because I had a dead animal in the field and didn’t want the dogs messing with it.

“It was kind of an aha moment for me that God protected her that night,” he said.

His empowering faith, growing love of Christian music, and commitment to attending and making connections in the world of Christian music concerts led him to connect with the founders of Awesometown in Fulton six years ago.

At the time, Awesometown was using the former Trinity Church for programming. Encouraged by New Anthem organizers, who Dail had supported with Christian concerts in the area, Dail proposed the idea of ​​inviting a Christian artist or two to perform in Awesometown. Awesometown’s founders agreed, and Dail signed Christian Feliz, known for his song “The River,” to perform. The church was full.

Dail knew the area was hungry for the music he wanted to bring to town. Since then he has organized three to four concerts a year. Then he felt called to do something more in the form of Kingdom Bound.

“I felt it in my heart about a year and a half ago,” he said. “I’ve been doing this for a couple of years and felt like God was telling me to find something bigger. Let’s reach a bigger market, let’s reach a bigger crowd.”

Businesses, churches and individuals have all taken part. He has a volunteer team of 40 people to help him throughout the concert – setting up, taking down, driving artist vans, running merchandise tables and assisting with crowd control. Food vendors are lined up and there will be bouncy castles and entertainment for the kids.

“It’s two nights of family fun and entertainment with a better message,” he said.

Tickets total $25 for both nights, with group discounts for groups of four or more. People who buy 10 tickets at once get a group discount plus a free ticket. Tickets are only available online at

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