Kevin Hart & Dwayne Johnson Are Transforming Into Pets For THESE Celebs!

“DC League of Superbeasts” Stars Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have no qualms about being companion animals to some of the entertainment industry’s most interesting big shots.

The DC Comics-based animation, directed by Jared Stern, follows Superman’s dog, voiced by Johnson, and a shelter dog, voiced by Hart. They team up with other animals to rescue several trapped superheroes.

Featuring the latest interview from the main cast promoting the comedy film Johnson shared on InstagramThey had a few things to say about pets while divulging the celebs who want to own them as pets.

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson want to be pets for surprising personalities


During the hilarious interview, the actors were first asked how they got the idea to cast the characters in “DC League of Super Pets” to which The Rock responded at length about Hart’s conviction. He said:

“Kevin went deep. He went method. He texted me; he said, “Hey DJ, come over to my trailer for a second; I want to show you something.’ And I’m fine, and he says look what I could do.

The 50-year-old actor then showed off what his co-star could do, showing that Hart could lick, just like his favorite character. This led to Johnson jokingly telling him not to do it.

Another question was asked about whether the movie stars believed humans looked like their pets. Hart responded this time, referring to Johnson’s dog Hobbs and implying that the father-of-three certainly looked like Hobbs.

That “Rampage” Star chimed in, saying his dog loved him during the “night school” The actor disagreed, saying the dog never responded to commands. At the same time, Johnson revealed that it was because his pet was deaf.

This led to further investigation into what strange pets they grew up with, and prompted Hart to mention that Johnson had a parrot that would follow him to school and sit on his shoulder when he was younger.

That “Tooth Fairy” The actor confirmed that the parrot was undoubtedly weird, adding that he kept repeating what he said at the time.

According to the following question as to whether Hart and Johnson were fans of allowing pets to sleep with them in bed, the former was a fan while the latter was not.

However, both disapproved of allowing dogs in bed, with Hart pointing out a hilarious experience with said pet in bed that involved licking a**.

The next and final request for the movie icons revealed which celebrities they wanted to be pets for. Johnson, without reason, chose famed rapper Megan Thee Stallion, while Hart chose acclaimed actor Denzel Washington.

Around the same time as the update deadline reported that the “Fast & Furious” The actor made an entire “post-credits scene” from the animated film starring him as multiple characters.

You may know that he not only voiced Superman’s dog Krypto, but also Black Adam and Black Adam’s dog Anubis.

Johnson used the post to make a statement about the ultimate SUPERMAN vs. BLACK ADAM Showdown, adding that whenever that happened, Anubis had “a few choice words” for crypto.

He also took a few notes on the antihero’s philosophy while revealing his speaking roles in the production to fans and urging them to enjoy them in theaters.

That “DC League of Superbeasts” Lead actors cannot be friends, despite sharing film features

Kevin Hart & Dwayne Johnson at the UK premiere of Jumanji: The Next Level

Hart and Johnson have been known to be fairly intimate friends for years, with the duo having made five films together in the last six years.

However, there was a conspiracy theory about their friendship or alleged hatred that Cinema Blend put forth reported, noting that while the actors often got along, they also insulted one another in interviews.

“The Mummy Returns” Star himself addressed the conspiracies with a joking statement, suggesting that it’s no secret that he and Hart hate each other.

In reality, the Superstars like each other and have a unique friendship in which they can insult and make fun of each other, despite knowing that neither of them would take it personally.

As close friends and colleagues, their collaborative qualities are typically successful at the box office, leading studios to want to cast them, while cast members also want to continue working together.

Next to the “DC League of Superbeasts”, Hart and Johnson are slated to appear in a fourth “jumanji” and one possible “Hobbs & Shaw” Consequence.

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