Joe Burrow’s dad says Bengals star QB could be out for a few more weeks after surprise appendix surgery

It’s been nearly two weeks since Joe Burrow had his appendix removed, and in the time since that surgery, the Bengals have given no indication of when their star quarterback might be able to return to the field.

During a news conference on Friday, Bengals coach Zac Taylor said Burrow was “on the day,” but as it turns out, the quarterback might actually be closer to “on the week.” Though the Bengals were vague as to when he might return to the field, Burrow’s father Jimmy offered some new information late last week.

During an interview on the In the Trenches podcast hosted by Bengali radio analyst Dave Lapham, the elder Burrow said it could be “a couple of weeks” before his son could return to the field.

“It set him back,” Jimmy Burrow said of the surgery. “But he seems to be getting better every day and hopefully we’ll be back on the field here in a few weeks.”

After Burrow had his appendectomy on July 27ththe estimate at the time was that he would be able to return to the field after one to four weeks of recovery. If Jimmy Burrow’s new schedule is correct, it could still be a few weeks before Joe starts training again, meaning the Bengals may not have him back on the field in full gear until late August or even early September (he could be throwing or practices before that). do, but it seems unlikely he would practice).

Burrow was at the Bengals facility most days since July 29th. Even when he’s not training, he’s a highly visible figure on the practice field his new golf cart (He even “ran” wind sprints in his cart last week).

The Bengals had a practice session on Sunday and that session marked the first time Burrow had been seen since his surgery from his golf cart for a longer period.

This Wednesday (August 8th) marks the 14th day since Burrow’s surgery, and in most cases this is usually the window where you’ll see a player return. For example, during the 2021 preseason, Rams backup quarterback John Wolford was able to return from an appendectomy in just 13 days.

That’s not to say Burrow should be able to match that, but it would make sense if they had a similar recovery window. However, based on Jimmy Burrow’s comments, it sounds like Joe’s surgery may have been more serious than your regular appendectomy. At one point in his interview with Lapham, Jimmy Burrow called Joe’s surgery a “major surgery.”

“There’s always a risk and complications with surgery like this,” Jimmy said. “Joe just needs to listen to his doctors and trainers at the facility and take it easy. He’s not one to take it easy, but he has to do it and it will be best in the long run if he makes sure he’s doing what he’s supposed to do.”

Jimmy was also asked if Joe’s appendix actually ruptured, and he refused to confirm or deny the possibility (the recovery time for a ruptured appendix is ​​generally a few weeks longer than for an appendix that hasn’t ruptured).

“I’m not sure,” Jimmy said when asked about a fracture. “We’ve heard from many different doctors and heard many different things. I’ll let Joe, if he wants to tell you any details, I’ll let him tell you the details.”

The elder Burrow also noted that his son’s appendix issue somehow came out of nowhere.

“This kind of surprised us,” said Jimmy Burrow. “I’ve never been with anyone who had it. It’s a painful, not very fun thing for someone, especially Joe.”

If the Bengals are taking it slow with Burrow, it’s because they don’t want to take chances with their franchise quarterback. As Jimmy pointed out in the interview, his son is a tough competitor and that could actually work against him if he tried to come back from injury too soon.

“He’s definitely going to want to push his limits when he’s feeling better,” Jimmy said. “I know he worries about being healthy all season and know that a setback here in the next few weeks would set him back for the season.”

The last thing the Bengals want to see is a setback, which is likely why the team has refused to set a timeline for a possible return of their star QB, who led Cincinnati to the Super Bowl for the first time in 33 years last season . He’ll play when he’s ready to play, and he’s just not ready to play yet.

Burrow took it easy last year preseason while working his way back from a cruciate ligament tear, and that ended pretty well for Cincinnati.

The good news for the Bengals this year is that Joe appears to be doing well, he just isn’t ready to train yet.

“I think he’s good, he’s getting better every day,” said Jimmy Burrow. “He really enjoys being with his teammates so he spends as much time as possible up there at the facility.”

Based on what the elder Burrow had to say, it’s probably safe to assume that the odds of Joe Burrow taking a single snap preseason are basically zero percent, meaning he’s his first this year Time will probably be on September 11 at 1 p.m. ET on CBS in Cincinnati’s regular season opener against the Steelers.

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