How choosing the right printer is helping small businesses and content creators save time, maximize productivity and achieve growth

Any small business owner will tell you – time is a precious and finite resource. Not having enough of it is often one of the biggest stumbling blocks to optimal business growth.

African business owners are embracing technology that makes their lives easier and frees them more time to focus on customer service and winning new business. Many work long hours and carry out operational and administrative tasks after hours. This steals time from family, friends, and self-care.

The Canon PIXMA G series printers are designed for both home and office users. Reaching an impressive average 85% savings in total cost of ownership compared to the top 10 laser and inkjet printers, these continuous ink printers are reliable, deliver high-quality results at a low cost, and have user-friendly features to ensure a flawless printing experience guarantee.

Combined with Canon’s Print Hub, your first stop to find a knowledge resource to get the most out of your Canon printer, your imagination is the only limit to achieving greater creativity, productivity and your workflows at home and at of work You save valuable time every day.

Choose efficiency and higher productivity to drive growth

Mark Henrietta Ogochukwu (, a cake maker and food blogger from Lagos, Nigeria, creates masterpieces worthy of an illustrated book. Their magnificent creations require hard work, creativity and long hours. It requires patience and fewer distractions. “We’re always looking for ways to save time and improve our processes,” she explains.

Her team wasted a lot of time coordinating and outsourcing their printing needs. High printing costs, such as instructions on how to bake cakes for their classes and workshops, hurt the company’s profitability. Urgent customer inquiries with pressure components were difficult to accept, which meant a cancellation, which you never want to do in your growth phase.

Instead of battling Lagos traffic and relying on printers, which were expensive and didn’t always understand the urgency of jobs, Ogochukwu decided to bring her printing in-house and it has made a real difference to her business. “There comes a point for every growing business like mine where you need to invest carefully in amenities that fuel growth by making the business more agile.”

“We chose the Canon Pixma G3411 printer and in many ways it has been a boon to my business as we no longer have to walk around to outsource our prints. It has also brought lucrative advantages like high print volume, impeccable quality and lower cost. Each of us can connect to the printer from anywhere using the Canon print app, which allows us to work even more efficiently and productively.”

High performance, low budget

The Campus Sports Club has grown significantly since it opened in 2014. What started with a few soccer fields and competitions has spread to children and adults. Members can learn martial arts, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, and more, and the club offers birthday parties, edutainment workshops, and summer camps. Abdelhakim El Arjoun’s vision as director in 2016 led to the club’s growth.

Every entrepreneur wants growth, but it comes with obstacles. El Arjoun’s operational and administrative duties increased. They also had to print vendor quote receipts, invoices, checks and instructions for new equipment, children’s absence charts for each activity and exercise session, program schedules, invitations, policies and internal regulatory documents, business plans, payslips and more. The club initially invested in a printer from another leading company, but this did not yield positive results in terms of print quality or cost savings. The club was still struggling with color printing and had to print their letterhead with another printer, which became a costly proposition as the club ramped up their offering fairly quickly.

El Arjoun realized that in addition to being able to print quickly in black and white and colour, one of his most important requirements when running long runs was really to have solid in-store advice and reliable after-sales service. In June 2021, the Canon Pixma G3411 printer caught his eye, and it has been meeting the club’s requirements ever since. The integrated ink tanks together with the hybrid ink system enable maximum printing productivity, while the intelligent connectivity feature with the Canon print app allows employees to operate easily without being tied to their desktops or laptops to print.

achieve work-life balance

As businesses increase their reliance on high-performance in-house printers, so does the demand for home printers that can handle schoolwork and work-from-home.

Asma Mekni ( is a mother and content creator who balances work and family. Bloggers spend hours perfecting their content to suit their audience’s tastes and researching trending topics. Young mothers have no time. To find a balance, I had to find ways to keep my child engaged in activities they enjoy and find time to do what I love. With the help of the Canon PIXMA G3411 printer, I was able to print activity charts and coloring books for my child at home, which unlocked great potential.

The printer proved invaluable when the pandemic struck, allowing Mekni to continue creating content that mimicked her child’s school environment and provided hours of fun entertainment without having to purchase activity books. She loves the quality and how Canon’s Print Hub ( helps new users learn more about the printer’s features.

As demonstrated by Mark Henrietta, El Arjoun and Asma Mekni, the compact, refillable, wireless all-in-one Canon PIXMA G3411 printer is clearly ideal, with high-yield inks for cost-effective home or business printing from smart devices and the cloud. Thanks to the Canon PIXMA G-Series, businesses can now save money with unmatched page yields and affordable printing of high-quality documents and vibrant photos, as well as easy smart device and cloud connectivity.

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