Here’s how you get the look

Here’s how you get the look

If you want to keep up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends, TikTok is definitely the place to go for everything. Lately users have been going crazy over his latest obsession: chrome nails. And after seeing pictures of the new manicure circulating on the app, we totally understand why.

What are chrome nails?

Hailey Beiber is a popular model and social media influencer. Her stylistic influence on TikTok is second to none, with many of her beauty and fashion moments going viral on the app. And when she debuted her shiny new set at the 2022 Met Gala, she sparked ANOTHER trend that has fans flocking to the nail salon.

Chrome nails, also known as “glazed donut” or #haileybeibernails, refer to the bright, metallic finish on a nail set that resembles chrome. Although the metal usually comes in silver or gold, when it comes to chrome nails, you can choose from a wide variety of colors. For example, Hailey Beiber debuted a pearlescent white chrome nail set. And later, reality TV star Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to show off her chrome nails in a pretty purple color.

How to get chrome nails

The nail trend may seem complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy to achieve. You can even find a number of online tutorials on how to pull off the look at home. Whether you prefer a dark and vampy set or a light and pearly finish, the chrome nails trend is definitely worth trying. Here’s how to get the look in five easy steps:


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Chrome Nails Step 1: Prepare your nails

Black woman filing her nails

Photo Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels

Of course, you can always request chrome nails from your local salon. Or a cheaper option would be to make them yourself.

First, focus on creating a healthy base for your chrome nails. Cut and file your nails according to your desired length and shape. You can also use a cuticle remover to trim your cuticles before pushing them back for a longer nail base.

A hand with clean and manicured nails

Photo credit: Angela Roma via Pexels

Then use a polishing tool to gently buff your nails to create a smooth and shiny surface.

Finally, use a quality base coat like this one from AIMEILI to prep your nails for the next step.

Chrome Nails Step 2: Apply your nail polish

A selection of colorful nail polishes

Photo Credit: Cottonbro via Pexels

After you’ve prepped your nails, it’s time for the next step. Apply a coat of your favorite nail polish to your nails. For a more sheer, pearly finish, similar to Hailey Beiber’s, apply a single coat to your nails. However, try two or more coats if you want a solid, metallic finish.

Hailey Beiber used Funny Bunny nail polish, a popular shade of white from OPI. But you can use any shade of polish you like, including this pale pink shade called “Worthy” from black beauty company Mischo Beauty.

You can dip a cotton swab in some nail polish remover to clean the edges of your nails for a shinier look.

Chrome Nails Step 3: Apply a Shiny Base Coat

After your nails are completely dry you can proceed to the third step by applying another layer of base coat to your nails.

Zola Ganzorigt is the nail artist who created the viral nail design for Hailey Beiber. She recommends OPI’s Infinite Shine 1 base coat; However, you can use any glossy base coat to get the look.

After applying a single coat to your nails, ONLY allow the polish to dry for a minute as it needs to remain tacky for the fourth step. And don’t forget to remove excess nail polish from around your cuticles with a cotton swab soaked in acetone.

Chrome Nails Step 4: Add some shimmery eyeshadow

Multicolored eyeshadow palettes sitting on a table

Photo credit: campus production via Pexels

Step four is fun but can get a bit messy.

First, grab your favorite white shade with a pearly finish. You can use the Ismine Single Eyeshadow Powder Palette Shimmer Pearl White like Hailey Beiber did. OR you can try Pure Ziva’s talc-free and paraben-free eyeshadow pot in white satin snowflake.

Next, use an eyeshadow brush or sponge to apply a generous amount of the eyeshadow to your nails. Your base coat should only be partially dry so that the eyeshadow can adhere better to the nail.

To avoid smudging, dust the powder lightly across your nails instead of pressing into the nail bed.

Chrome Nails Step 5: Finish off with a top coat

We’ve finally got to the final step before reaching chrome nails! To complete the look, grab a good quality top coat and apply it to your nails.

Of course, you can always use whatever top coat you prefer. However, Ganzorigt recommends using the OPI Infinite Shine ProStay Primer and Gloss. This powerful gloss locks in shine for up to 11 days, so you can wear it on your next summer vacation.

You can also try this classic glossy base and top coat set from Pear Nova, a cosmetics company owned by Black.

And that’s it! After your nails have dried you can show off your new manicure by tagging 21Ninety on Instagram. Twitter and tiktok!

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