Flagship Healthcare Trust receives its first series of investments from the Gulf region, backed by Anchor Group

Flagship Healthcare Trust receives its first series of investments from the Gulf region, backed by Anchor Group

Financing to support the ongoing growth of the REIT portfolio

CHARLOTTE, NC, August 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Anchor Group, a leading international business development and investment firm, has announced the first investment by a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) firm in the Flagship Healthcare Trust, a private real estate investment for medical practices focused in the Southeast and Middle East Atlantic, Allows Trust (REIT) with over 2.3 million square feet of office space and 87 properties. The GCC is a political and economic union of Arab states that border the Persian Gulf. Its members include the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.

The investment, made by the private banking arm of one of GCC’s leading banks, represents the region’s first multi-million dollar investment in the REIT and is expected to support continued growth of the portfolio. Flagship has established a Sharia-compliant fund structure to allow GCC to invest in the REIT. International investors can now invest in Flagship’s REIT directly, through a tax-efficient blocker structure, or through its Shariah-compliant fund.

Demand for doctor’s offices is expected to increase as healthcare spending increases The United States escalating and the US population continues to age. In the fourth quarter of 2021 alone, Flagship acquired 10 properties in growth areas such as Chattanooga, TN, Louisville, Kentuckyand Colombia, SC. Then, in the first quarter of 2022, Flagship completed the acquisition of two wholly owned properties in North Carolina all in all 63k square meters, in addition to an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) in Tennessee all in all 14k square foot.

“While Flagship’s investment market is focused on the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, the investment facilitated by Anchor Group demonstrates that our investor appeal is global. The desire for current income, capital appreciation and uncorrelated alternative investment opportunities is not limited to The United States. Our leadership team brings unparalleled knowledge and deep connections within the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic healthcare systems,” said President and CEO of Flagship J. The Fire Edge III. “We are very pleased to welcome our new investors and look forward to the wonderful opportunities this will present for our REIT in 2022 and beyond.”

About anchor

Anchor International Investments is a leading independent fund distributor based in Switzerlandwhich identifies non-core wealth managers on behalf of institutional investors and has been a long-standing partner to wealth managers seeking to build and grow an investor base within the firm Switzerland and beyond. Founded in 2007, Anchor Group is a partner for growth, internationalization and innovation. Anchor’s principal activities include capital raising, cross-border corporate development, as well as corporate venturing and direct investments.

About flagship healthcare properties

Flagship Healthcare Properties, LLC (Flagship) is a fully integrated home healthcare real estate company serving clients throughout the Southeast and Southern United States. headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Flagship offers a full range of real estate services including investment and capital solutions, development, real estate sales, leasing and marketing, and facility, property and asset management. Flagship manages over 5.1 million square feet of healthcare real estate in over 220 properties serving more than 530 tenants. Flagship acts as administrator of its private REIT, Flagship Healthcare Trust, Inc. For more information, visit www.FlagshipHP.com.

About Flagship Healthcare Trust

Flagship Healthcare Trust, Inc. (Flagship REIT) is a private real estate investment trust that owns clinical healthcare assets The United States. Flagship REIT holds interests in more than 87 healthcare properties valued at over $7.43 million. The flagship REIT’s current portfolio includes more than 2.3 million square feet of medical offices and more than 254 tenants. For more information, visit www.FlagshipREIT.com.

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