Embracing technology and innovation “keys” to alleviating the healthcare crisis

VAUGHAN, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE). Solutions, rehabilitation science and a breakthrough approach to elderly care, physical therapy, virtual care and homeopathic treatment.

Novo is focused on safely shifting non-catastrophic healthcare a way from hospitals to doctor’s offices, clinics and even patient apartments. It’s a roadmap for huge savings for government-run healthcare systems collapsing under the strain of the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Novo leverages advances in medical technology and home computing/smartphones to vastly improve patients’ ability to communicate with healthcare professionals and even complete exams faster.

“We have incredibly powerful tools on our hands every day that not only allow us to communicate with our healthcare professionals via video connections, but our electronic devices can also be used for important but resource-intensive procedures such as blood and saliva testing for specific diseases and diseases said Robert Mattacchione, CEO of Novo Integrated Sciences Inc.

“Waiting times in hospitals have reached crisis levels. There is no relief valve in sight to relieve the pressure, so we need to focus on ways to shift care away from primary medical centers, using everyday technology and advances in medical procedures,” added Mattacchione.

According to a study by CIHI (Canadian Institute for Health Information), Canada spent $308 billion on healthcare in 2021, about $8,000 per person. Novo’s business model combines a range of health-related technologies, services and products that improve access to quality care for families, with a new focus on a breakthrough pure molecular water-based iodine spray for children, IoNovo for kids.

Health Canada was recently granted IoNovo for kids a natural product number (NPN). IoNovo for kids is the first-ever water-based molecular iodine spray of its kind, dosed in a safe, ingestible form for children that has been proven to be safe and effective, giving families and physicians another tool to keep families away from hospitals. Doctors have been prescribing iodine for decades as a way to improve thyroid function, brain health, and improve immune system function.

“You get a tingling sensation in your throat and spray — it’s that simple because the natural iodine elements in the spray wipe out the viruses and bacteria that are present,” Mattacchione said.

Terence Mullins, Iodine Research Specialist and President of Terragenx, stated: “Back to school and back to work in September there will be fewer masks and therefore less protection from disease. For decades, the global medical community has recognized iodine, when ingested safely, as one of nature’s finest killers in the microbial world. Here’s a safe, simple spray that will protect families from the unseen dangers that are still wreaking havoc around the world. We use nature to combat the dangers of nature. It’s a strong protective layer for all of us.”

About Novo Integrated Sciences, Inc.

Novo Integrated Sciences, Inc. is a Nasdaq-listed US company (NASDAQ:NVOS) with subsidiaries and operations in Canada and the United States. Visit www.novointegrated.com for more information

About Terragenx, Inc.

The IoNovo line of products is both Health Canada and FDA approved for over-the-counter and e-commerce distribution. Visit www.terragenx.com for more information

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