DJ Cale has been playing music for Festival Latino for 11 years

Derek Amaya moved to Columbus from Queens, New York in 2001.

Honduran-born Amaya, also known as DJ Cale, has been an integral part of the Latino community everywhere. So it’s no wonder that he was drawn to the Festival Latino in Columbus when he arrived.

A fan of music since childhood, Amaya always saw himself as a DJ and one day wanted to be the DJ for the Latino Festival.

Since becoming the official DJ in 2011, he’s been doing exactly what he’s dreamed of doing for the past 11 years. He calls it an honor.

“It was a great honor to serve the community,” he said. “We show people the best of our culture and that drives me to continue working with CAPA (Columbus Association for the Performing Arts) because we can show our culture.”

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