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Written by: Donna Rhodes | Output: August – 2022

The Highlands Mountaintop Rotary Art and Craft Show, taking place August 27-28 at Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park, promises the creations of 80 talented local artists.


For the past 17 years, residents and visitors from the surrounding region have flocked to the Highlands MountaintopRotary Art and Craft Show. It’s time to mark your calendar: Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28, 10am-5pm, both days, for a booth -After the Boothof, a breathtaking treat. The show takes place at Kelsey-HutchinsonFounders Park. Come early to park and please avoid blocking the ATM for obvious reasons! The mix of artists, vendors, and products changes with each show, so there’s always something new to experience. Visit your annual favorites while enjoying many new vendors and products, including something you’ll want to meet and eat: hand-made Cajun sausages. mmm The aroma will have you craving a bowl of red beans and rice. Pair that with Chile Today & Hot Tamale, which specializes in hot sauces and pepper jellies. Add delicious biscuits and crackers from Bits’n Pieces – and your festive table is set. How about lamps made from found objects? Some are elegant, some funny, some stunning. Don’t miss the delicate art of quilling, narrow strips of paper crafted into a beautiful variety of designs. If you are a fan of essential oil blends for mood elevation, sleep improvement, reducing inflammation, relieving headaches, you will find something for every need. How about CBD oils? Organic Appalachian Growers in Cowee Valley offer CBD products and you can get them with Delta 8. Renowned Highlands photographer Cynthia Strain, creator of the original show, watched as her inspiration blossomed into one of the summer’s most popular events. Now, with the support of the Highlands Chamber, Rotary and enthusiastic sellers and buyers alike, this final show of 2022 promises to be one of the best ever. Cynthia says, “I want the show to be a goal that people can’t resist . Supporting arts and crafts in the mountains is a top priority. And we make sure attendees meet the highest standards.” To learn more, call (828) 318-9430. Visit Facebook: HighlandsMountaintop Rotary Art & Craft Show or On the website you can fill out a form if you want to participate in the show.

by Donna Rhodes

Photo by Colleen Kerrigan

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