Cyber ​​Acoustics solves technology pain points for schools

VANCOUVER, Wash., Aug. 8, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — cyber acoustics, a leading provider of edtech for all classroom environments, announced today that it has a full line of classroom technology solutions that meet the needs of both in-person and virtual learning. New offerings include more headset connectivity options with the AC-5014 USB-C Stereo Headset, as well as the new CA-2014USB 2.0 speakers, which make a great addition to a TV cart or for playing audio for a class.

The AC-5014 USB-C Stereo Headset joins the Cyber ​​Acoustics 5000 series of universal headsets, which are great for K-12 students. The 5000 Series products fit regardless of age, have easy-to-clean leatherette ear pads, and are durable enough to withstand even the toughest of students. This new USB-C headset completes the lineup, which now includes connectivity options for USB-C, USB-A and 3.5mm ports.

“Customer feedback is an important driver in our product development. So when we hear common themes keep emerging, we look for ways to address those issues,” said Steve Erickson, COO at Cyber ​​Acoustics. “With headphones and headsets being among the most widely used technology products in all classrooms, it is critical that our products meet the needs of students and allow teachers to focus on the lesson.”

The top three problems with edtech headsets, according to teachers
At the recent ISTE 2022 conference, Cyber ​​Acoustics spoke to hundreds of teachers, administrators and IT professionals about the challenges they face with technology in the classroom. Three common themes dominated:

  1. Cables are easily destroyed: Whether it’s from chewing, twisting or wrapping fingers, walking or being pinched under chair legs, headset and headphone cords take the most abuse in classrooms. To combat this, most Cyber ​​Acoustics headsets and headphones feature tangle-free, ultra-durable braided TuffCords that can withstand even the toughest of users.
  2. Break headphone jacks: Students are not always gentle when connecting headsets and headphones to their Chromebooks and laptops, often resulting in connectors breaking inside the device, leading to headset repairs and replacement costs. Cyber ​​Acoustics products feature reinforced alloy steel pins in most 3.5mm headset and headphone jacks, improving durability and drastically reducing breakage.
  3. Ear cups are disassembled: Students frequently pluck at the seam of the earcups, causing the earcups to simply fall apart. Cyber ​​Acoustics easy-to-clean leatherette earpads are double-stitched for enhanced durability.

Additionally, Cyber ​​Acoustics headband construction can be bent, twisted or stretched. Together, all of these durable features ensure that Cyber ​​Acoustics headsets are built for torture, so the focus is on learning and not tech support.

Headsets and headphones for every need
Offering a range of quality headphones and headsets at prices to suit every budget, Cyber ​​Acoustics’ educational offering includes:

  • Best for K-5 students who Cyber ​​Acoustics AC-4000 Series features flexible boom mics, unidirectional mics that reduce unwanted noise, adjustable headbands, easy-to-clean leatherette earcups, and braided TuffCords.
  • A range of universal headphones and headsets that are great for K-12 students who Cyber ​​Acoustics AC-5000 Series Features unidirectional microphones that reduce unwanted noise, inline volume controls, ambidextrous microphone boom for left/right use, adjustable headbands, easy-to-clean leatherette ear cups, and braided TuffCords.
  • Best for grades 6-12 Cyber ​​Acoustics AC-6000 Series features larger earcups and more padding than the 4000 or 5000 series while still offering the same durable design. Other features of the AC-6000 series include inline volume and mute controls, noise-cancelling microphones, flexible microphone arms, adjustable headbands and braided TuffCords.

Virtual learning made easy
For those who need virtual learning technology, Cyber ​​Acoustics also offers a range of Zoom-certified webcams, including the WC-2000-2 and WC-3000. To earn Zoom certification, these cameras have undergone rigorous image quality testing to ensure a consistently high-quality video experience throughout each virtual class. They are also compatible with all other meeting apps including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Skype.

For audio needs in virtual learning, Cyber ​​Acoustics offers a range of speakers in addition to headphones and headsets, including 2.0 models like the forthcoming CA-2014 USB, as well as space-saving speaker bars like the CA-2890 and CA-2890BT. These compact speaker bars conveniently attach to most monitors to save valuable desk space, or stand alone and provide a great alternative to headphones.

For more information on Cyber ​​Acoustics’ Edtech line, visit or visit our Amazon Back to School store.

Cyber ​​Acoustics free headphone and headset recycling program for schools
With an industry-leading headphone and headset recycling program, Cyber ​​Acoustics makes it easy for schools to properly dispose of all brands of wired headphones and headsets. Introduced Aug 2021, this free program relieves schools of the burden of proper disposal by sending a collection box with a prepaid shipping label directly to their location. Once filled, schools simply close it and send it back. From there, Cyber ​​Acoustics takes care of recycling the products, preventing plastics and metals from ending up in landfills. Sign up for a free collection box visit

For more information on Cyber ​​Acoustics and its full line of products, including Laptop docking stations, Zoom certified webcams, PC speakersand more, visit

About cyber acoustics
Founded in 1996, Cyber ​​Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of reliable and affordable computer peripherals used in schools, businesses and homes, with product lines that include PC speakers, headsets, headphones, microphones, laptop docking stations and webcams. Focused on sustainability, Cyber ​​Acoustics offers a free recycling program for wired headsets and headphones that accepts old headsets from any manufacturer for responsible recycling and preventing plastics and metals from ending up in landfills. To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, visit us For more information on Cyber ​​Acoustics products, visit Keep following the company Twitter @CyberAcoustics, Instagram, Facebookand LinkedIn.

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