Celebrities broke out after Candace Cameron Bure responded to JoJo Siwa’s “Rudest Celeb” TikTok

Celebrities broke out after Candace Cameron Bure responded to JoJo Siwa’s “Rudest Celeb” TikTok

Candace Cameron Bure sets the record straight where they and JoJo Siwa Was standing.

The weekend is the Full house The actress came across JoJo’s viral TikTok and was “shocked” to hear she was dubbed the “rudest celebrity”. Dancing Moms Alum ever met. Though JoJo didn’t reveal any further details about the interaction in her July 24 clip, Candace revealed a few days later that she reached out to JoJo immediately. When the two picked up the phone, Candace asked to be informed.

“I finally got to talk to JoJo this morning,” she said in a July 26 Instagram roll. “I called her and we had a great chat. She said, ‘Hey, how are you?’ I said, ‘Well, I’m better. What happened?'”

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During their call, JoJo shared that her paths had crossed with Candace fuller house Premiered on the red carpet in 2016. The Dancing with the stars The season 30 runner-up asked Candace for a photo, but was told, “Not now.” While JoJo understands the situation better now than she did when she was 11, she admitted she “didn’t think it was a big deal,” hinting at the exchange on TikTok.

Candace went on to apologize to JoJo for the incident. “Please know that as a mother it breaks my heart for making you feel this way and I feel sorry for your mother too for doing this to her daughter. I know if someone crosses my kids, Mama Bear will come out.”

However, Candace stressed the importance of choosing words carefully because of the potential implications. “No matter how many followers you have, even a 10-second trending TikTok video can do harm because our words and actions matter,” Candace added.

Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure and Dance Moms alum Jojo Siwa on The Kelly Clarkson Show

JoJo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure continue The Kelly Clarkson Show in December 2019.

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In response to her Instagram video about “the tea” behind JoJo’s TikTok, Candace’s celebrity friends showed their love and support. “@candacecbure you are officially my spirit animal! So aptly put. I’m sitting here and crying 😭 and watching this video. Sounds sooooo true. You really are an inspiration! Love you. oo”, Tori spelling wrote in their comment section. “You’re all love @candacecbure. No one is perfect and being reduced to a single moment in life is never fair. I’m glad you guys caught up and everything is alright,” said the GAC actress Jill Wagner interfered. “💗💗💗💗”, Dancing with the stars professional Jenna Johnson added.

Small people, big world star Amy Rolloff also included a note that wrote, in part, “Candace. I agree with that. It’s a shame something like this had to come up [TikTok] … Like you, I really enjoy meeting others, hearing their stories and taking photos. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to take a moment for everyone, and we don’t intentionally not. However, it happens… We all influence others with our words and actions, and we do our best.”

In the end, Candace assured fans that she and JoJo are “all fine and there’s no drama.” Now she hopes everyone keeps going.

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