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“How you recruit, develop and manage talent is directly related to your brand as a leader,” he says Stephen MilesMiles Group CEO

The new episode of the C-Suite Intelligence podcast is all about making people better

NEW YORK, August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “The top priority of a manager must be to continuously make people better,” he says Taylor Griffins, COO of the Miles Group. Griffin joins in on the C-Suite Intelligence Podcast Stephen MilesFounder and CEO of The Miles Group to explain how leaders can improve their skills in delegation, talent development and team processes to become world class in people business.

To get better in the people business, leaders need to set their teams up for success — “it’s the best use of your time,” Miles adds. “We have to evaluate them in a nonjudgmental way. What do they need in terms of their experience profile, their data set, their cognitive profile? We will give them that so they can be successful.”

The new episode, released today across all major platforms, explains why “Be the best in people business” can be as important to a company’s long-term goals as it is to reducing employee turnover now and in the near future. “Managers often ask their direct reports to just figure it out and expect high performers to be successful. The truth is, predictability makes people successful,” says Griffin.

As top executive coaches for some of the world’s top-performing leaders, Miles and Griffin state, “How you recruit, develop and manage talent is directly related to your brand as a people leader.”

“What we’re talking about are some of the guideposts, signals and tools that you as a leader can use to get better at people business. Because I promise you, when you excel in people business, you will reach your maximum potential, both in terms of your goals and your overall behavior and leadership tools,” says Miles.

To learn more about how leaders can up their game, listen here “Be the best in people business” published today on the C-Suite Intelligence Podcast, available everywhere including Apple, Google and Spotify.

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