BBB: Marketing Tips Your Small Business Can Use to Attract New Employees | business

As small businesses continue their struggle to hire new employees, tactics have evolved to attract top talent. There was no other choice; They had to be competitive. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 11.3 million job openings at the end of May. The search for new employees for those who need to strengthen their workforce continues.

To amplify your recruitment efforts, consider implementing some marketing techniques to attract new talent. Just as companies market their products and services to customers, the same tools can promote the organization and advertise vacancies. When performing well, HR marketing will attract candidates to your business instead of having to constantly search for them.

— BBB is a not-for-profit, business-supported organization that sets and upholds high standards of fair and honest business conduct. Most BBB consumer services are free. BBB offers unbiased advice, free BBB company profiles on more than 5.3 million companies, 11,000 charity reviews, dispute resolution services, alerts and educational information on issues affecting market trust. Visit for more information. There are over 100 local, independent BBBs in the United States, Canada and Mexico, including BBB Serving Central East Texas, which was founded in 1985 and serves 19 counties.

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