Amazon Music vs Spotify: Which Music Streaming Service is Better?

Looking for a new place to fix your music? Spotify and Amazon Music are some of the biggest and best streaming services, but are they right for you? Our guide will help you make the decision.

Monthly subscriptions to music streaming services are quickly becoming the main way most of us listen to music. They are simple and straightforward, and each platform offers its own standout features and benefits. We take a look at the main competitors to help you choose between Spotify and Amazon Music.

There are multiple tiers of both services depending on your budget, willingness to listen to ads as well as music, and the number of features you want. We will outline these and explain the difference between the two music libraries.

What is the difference between Amazon Music and Spotify?

Spotify has a free entry-level subscription. You pay nothing but only get six “skips” and an hour or less of streaming quality, plus there are ads on non-premium Spotify. However, pay £9.99 a month and you’ll get rid of the ads and open up the entire library. There’s also the option of a family membership for £16.99 a month or a 30-day free trial.

Amazon’s music offering has a slightly more complex list of options. First, you get the basic version of their music library, which comes with Amazon Prime and costs £7.99 a month. If you want Amazon Prime Music Unlimited’s expanded library, it costs £9.99 a month, or £7.99 a month if you already have a standard Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon offers a similar family plan to Spotify for £14.99, and there’s also a £3.99 option that lets users listen to Amazon Music Unlimited using just an Amazon Echo or Fire TV device.

It’s worth noting that we’ve found that Spotify runs smoother and has fewer issues with prolonged use. It also offers better suggestions to help you discover new music, which is a big plus for those curious about adding it to their personal favorite libraries.

Spotify Premium vs Amazon Music Unlimited

Those who want the higher-end plans – Spotify Premium and Amazon Music Unlimited – get access to the best deals from these providers.

For example, Amazon Music Unlimited’s library is 90 million songs, rather than the 2 million of Amazon Music Prime’s base library. Spotify has a similar offering but a little less, with over 80 million songs on offer. Keep in mind that both outlets also offer podcasts. So if you’re a pod fan, you should check if your favorites are available on your chosen platform.

Also when it comes to music, some artists are available on one platform and not on another.

For Spotify, one of the real benefits of premium over non-premium is the improved streaming quality and lack of ads. The sound quality increases from 128 kbps to 320 kbps. It’s a big difference that makes for an audible improvement and a more immersive listening experience, especially when you pair the app with some of the best wireless earbuds out there.

However, when it comes to streaming quality, Amazon wins. Music Unlimited offers lossless audio streaming for many of its tracks, albums, and content. That’s partly because Amazon Music HD – which used to be a separate, more expensive tier of Amazon’s offering – is now included in Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Music vs. Spotify Verdict: Which Should You Choose?

Having identified some of the key differences, Amazon Music Unlimited appears to be the choice for those who prioritize streaming quality and those using Alexa devices.

However, Spotify’s interface generally works better and is more accessible in our opinion. It also does more to help you discover new music with enticing bespoke playlists like your own personal Discover Weekly mix.

Which one you ultimately choose will depend on your priorities. During personal use, we’ve found Spotify to be a bit more intuitive and fun, but no doubt audiophiles will be drawn to Amazon by this extra audio quality.

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