All of the celebrity relatives have been revealed on Kevin & Frankie Jonas’ reality game show

All of the celebrity relatives have been revealed on Kevin & Frankie Jonas’ reality game show

Attribution is taboo on ABC’s new reality show. claim to fame. In the series, hosted by brothers Kevin and Frankie Jonas, 12 mysterious celebrity relatives compete to hide their identities while all living under the same roof. They also compete in various challenges, such as the July 11 premiere talent show, and form alliances — all while playing “DNA Detective” to avoid eliminations and win the $100,000 grand prize. Viewers are just as in the dark as the cast, and although some of the claim to fame Relative identity revelations will be scattered throughout the episodes, others may remain classified until the finale.

“It’s about how many people and who you reveal, and at the end of the day I think our decision really comes down to how the funniest way of telling the story is,” said Kinetic Executive Producer and CEO Chris Coelen recently explained diversity. “It’s not really a specific rhyme or reason why we would reveal one person or the other.”

In the meantime, here are all the celebrity relatives who claim to fame has arisen so far.

“Amara” – Amara Skye

Though no one in the house immediately guessed who she was related to, the July 11 premiere revealed that “Amara” is Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter, Amara Skye. Amara, the daughter of Goldberg’s only child, Alex Martin (with ex-husband Alvin Martin), is described as a California-born “upcoming artist from New York/New Jersey” and “granddaughter of an EGOT winner” in an event listing for her first solo art exhibition in July 2022. The post also notes that she aims to fuse the tones of graffiti and abstract art, and she begins each day by reciting her life motto: “Skeezy Does It.”

“Louise” – Adria Biles

Given her undeniable resemblance to her famous sister, it didn’t seem like a secret to anyone in Episode 1 that “Louise” is Simone Biles’ sister, Adria Biles – which she confirmed in a confessional. Her looks aren’t all the women have in common: Adria is a former gymnast herself and was reportedly attending dental school in 2020. “I’m so proud to have her as my sister,” Adria wrote about Simone Stück in a December 2016 ESPN. “I look up to her in every way.”

“Maxwell”—Maxwell Norris

After he was caught sneaking his phone into the apartment claim to fame House, “Maxwell” was the first celebrity relative to be eliminated, after which he was revealed to be Chuck Norris’ grandson, Maxwell Norris. That Fort Worth Star Telegram featured Max and his fraternal twin sister Greta in a November 2017 article as star athletes in their junior years at Faith High School in Grapevine, Texas. Sharing the story on Twitter at the time that Walker, Texas Ranger star wrote that he and his wife Gena “very proud‘ her grandchildren.

“Brittany” – Brittany Favre

ABC/John Fleenor

After “Brittany” revealed in a confessional that her father is a Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame quarterback, it wasn’t long before her fellow contestants put the clues together and found out she was Brett Favre’s daughter, Brittany Favre. Mallion. The older of the former Green Bay Packers star’s two daughters with wife Deanna Tynes Favre, Brittany is now a mother of three and married to Alex Mallion. She graduated from Loyola University College of Law in 2015 when she was just divorced from her first husband and was raising two sons at the time. “The most important lesson I learned from my dad is that at the end of the day, you just have to put in the work,” Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based attorney told Bleacher Report in 2015, adding, “Connections are one.” Foot in the door, but I have to keep the door open.” After mistakenly suspecting that Kai was related to Andra Day, Brittany was eliminated in Episode 4.

“Michael” – Cubb Coleman

claim to fameThe second eliminated contestant, “Michael,” turned out to be Zendaya’s cousin Cubb Coleman, a Los Angeles-based record producer and engineer. The founder of Social Media’s Record appeared in Zendaya’s Instagram photo “Coleman Cousins” in June 2014 and produced it a few years later KC covered Season 3 main title track. Cubb reportedly attended the 2017 as well Spider-Man: Homecoming LA premiere and shared red carpet videos.

“X” – M. Lamar

Prior to his elimination in Episode 3, several cast members had already discovered that “X” was Laverne Cox’s identical twin brother, M. Lamar. However, this isn’t the artist’s first time on TV: he has previously appeared on Netflix Orange is the new black in scenes depicting his sister’s transgender character, Sophia Burset, before her transition. On his website, M. Lamar, who holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and attended the Yale School of Art’s sculpture program (before dropping out of music), describes himself as a composer who “works across opera, metal and performance , video, sculpture and installation to create sweeping narratives of radical developments.”

“LC” – Loreal Palmer

For weeks, LC has had her castmates and audience guessing who her celebrity relative might be. But eventually “LC” turned out to be Keke Palmer’s sister Loreal Palmer in a confessional in Episode 4. Loreal, the eldest of the four Palmer siblings, is also a big sister to twins Lawrence and Lawrencia. In a January 2022 Instagram birthday party, Keke called Loreal “one of the most talented and kind people” she knows, adding that few know she’s “the real talent in the family,” thanks to her “Mariah Carey -Notes”. to the hilarity of Jim Carey.” That nope Star also shared that “best friend” Loreal, a wife and mother herself, has also offered to be a surrogate for her in the future, writing that “love doesn’t get more real than that!”

This post will be updated as the identities of additional celebrity relatives are revealed claim to fame.

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