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The digital insurance start-up continues to expand coverage in the US, offering recreational sailors tailored policies and technology to meet their specific needs

NEW YORK, August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ahoy!®the digital MGA insurance for pleasure boaters, boaters are now in new York who can now benefit from policies tailored to the needs of modern boaters.

Customers of Ahoy! Designed by boaters for boaters, they receive an integrated Smart Boat Kit that, along with a proprietary mobile app, offers advanced telemetry capabilities that proactively help reduce risk and prevent damage or injury, and a phone-overboard protection policy are equipped. Offering alerts such as grounding avoidance, theft recovery assistance and micro-targeted weather alerts and forecasts, the mobile app will soon include a digital logbook and data logging for future trips.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer Ahoy! policies new York Boaters who are just as passionate about their boats as we are. Whether you go by boat Atlantic, Long Island Soundor one of the amazing lakes in new Yorkwe’ve got you and your boat covered,” said Kaenan Hertz, Chief Insurance Officer and co-founder of Ahoy!. “Our mission is to bring safety to boaters around the world because we know it’s more than just an asset, it’s a lifestyle. We have developed an insurance product that understands what boaters need and want, and we look forward to supporting new customers as we continue to expand into new states.”

Traditional insurance companies have failed to adapt to the unique needs of the modern boater and tend to bundle boat insurance with other insurance offerings such as home insurance. The sole focus of Ahoy! sits on this underserved segment by using technology to protect boaters’ boats and provide them with peace of mind, turning what was once viewed as financial security into a proactive and protective asset. The team at Ahoy! consists of marine veterans, insurance experts and seasoned high-tech executives who use their expertise to develop a holistic digital insurance product tailored to the specific needs of boaters.

Ahoy! are currently available direct and through agents to boat owners in Michigan, Arizona, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indianaand new Yorkwith plans to expand in the US in the coming months.

About Ahoy!

Ahoy! is a technology-driven insurance MGA transforming the recreational boating insurance industry from a financial hedge into a proactive asset. Built by boaters for boaters, Ahoy! combines its proactive, risk-mitigating technology with its founders’ in-depth boating and insurance knowledge to deliver innovative insurance policies for the 21st centurySt Century. With onboard Internet of Things (IoT) technology, AI and big data, Ahoy! offers a proprietary risk reduction solution to proactively prevent boating mishaps, thereby increasing the time boaters can enjoy their boat. In times of need, Ahoy! ensures fast, modern and unobtrusive claims processing assistance and support, allowing boaters to be back on the water in no time. Co-founded in 2021 by a team of marine veterans, insurance professionals and seasoned high-tech executives, Amit Nisenbaum, Kaenan Hertz, Shahar Segev, and Aria Ambramovici. Ahoy! an insurance agency licensed to distribute property and casualty insurance products has a branch in new York and Israel. For more information visit: https://www.ahoy.insure/

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